Gimme Some Lovin’

When was the last time you felt truly relaxed and allowed yourself to just let go? Bet it’s been awhile hasn’t it? Between work, school, and social outings, it seems as though there’s never enough time in the day for YOU. How can you possibly give happiness to anyone else if you’re not first giving some to yourself?
Wake up early, cook yourself a healthy gourmet(ish) breakfast. Avocado toast is always a fav! Pet a puppy, plant flowers. Take a stroll to your local coffee shop and enjoy a latte while you read my blog! Or you know, the newspaper, if that’s your thing. Even something as simple as waking up 5 minutes earlier to take a couple deep breaths and give yourself some positive affirmations for the day makes a world of a difference. Whatever it is you do, remember to carve out some time for you, your only guaranteed lifelong lover.


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