I’d like to call this little number, Striped Sweater


I’m sitting in my living room, sipping coffee. I should probably get up and go for a run, clean the apartment, do something slightly productive. But my cat has fallen asleep in my lap, so I’m content where I am.
When I find a state of happiness, I never think twice about relishing in the moment as long as possible. Because with life’s worries, bills, family, jobs, all that adult stuff no one likes to think about, it’s rare you get even a little bit of peace. Of course I’m the most content when I’m with my boyfriend, whether we’re riding bikes, lounging around the house, or running errands, I just have to glance his way and I feel a wave of bliss wash over me. Anthony snapped this photo of me the other day; We took a wrong turn on our way to his family’s party, and stumbled upon a cute little neighborhood, he thought it’d make for a nice backdrop. For some unknown reason I tend to get camera shy with my man but I think we managed to get a decent shot.


SIDENOTE: I’m not one to throw too much pattern on. Polka dots, when done right, can be great; Too much and you’re bordering on Minnie Mouse. Floral gets old, you can only take tiny doses of snakeskin. But stripes, I’m constantly gravitating towards stripes. You can go classic with a Breton top or a striped dress like the one I’m wearing(which is Banana Republic). They’re just so easy, and who can resist the laid back Parisian vibe they bring about.

J. Crew COMME DES GARÇONS® Stripe Sweater


Madewell Rhodes Shirt
I’m lusting after the above.

IMG_4019.JPGUrban Outfitters Mouchette Tee
But this a cute, affordable option.

What’s your favorite way to don stripes?


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